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June 4, 2013
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Hall Of Fame ( 36 - April 2013 )

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 2:24 AM
:bulletblue: Those who have been members of our Group for quite a while are aware of the fact that many of the Group's Submissions end up in my, Alligatorr's, gppr’s, Mathness',  Rockinfroggi's and pbird12's Favourites, being featured wherever it is possible to do that and being suggested as DDs. So, keep submitting, people, because there are only advantages in it for you.

:bulletblue: This is the Hall Of Fame of our :iconforeverartgroup: . Here you can find the best monthly submissions, carefully chosen by us.

Thorin Oakenshield by JeoSiri Medicated peaceful moment by Auriferous-art HIDDEN PLACE by MixeRBink Tormented Journey by candypoopoo MEGACITY  v.1 by angelitoon Ester by Venlian Reincarnation by KristinaGehrmann 010 Memories by BlackHeresy Embracing Nature by MaaykeKlaver Owl by MariannaInsomnia Sun Queen by Aida-Art Seyyah by Memed Kyoto Nights by DanielZrno Medieval France by Azot2014 Giant wrath by 1oshuart Cuddling hugs~ by Panda-kiddie GIRL 2 by carmenharada The Eternity in a Second by pompafunebris Lost In A Dream by stefanpriscu Girl in Mask by Lidias93 Card Ring by LexPaul by AlexandrescuPaul Dreamer by TanyaMusatenko home sweet home... by DanielGrzeszkiewicz Orchid by PMucks Life finds a way by neverdying Nightfall by kelch12 Peekaboo in Spring by XRlS B A T T L E by tincek-marincek 'Look into my Glasses' graphite drawing by Pen-Tacular-Artist The Lady and the Volcano by Felicis Cover art for Chief by sterlingy Demonia by Hangmoon Internal dialogue by Ace0fredspades Fire vs lightning by vandervals Ghost Ship by DanielHeydecke By the shores by Auriferous-art REMOTHERED - Don't trust anyone! by DarrilAsylum johnny depp by ercansebat Elf Prince by Takky-Milk We Have Heaven To Win. by TwistedHearts PastPresentFuture by Raphooo2014 Consequence of the Unchangeable Mind by rkelc Rapier by Tohad fire by kokoszkaa Forest by JoeDiepstraten The angel who appeared from nowhere by RazielMB Grace by JessicaSansiquet What's that blinding light? by MarcosRodriguez The View From Here by MasoumehTavakoli Time Piece by RobMcCullah You can rest in my forest by JWiesner Parliament of Nature: Lord Prunus by tolerdesigns Just Another Day at the Zoo by SanderJansen Under the blue, blue sky VIIII by DianaGrigore Houses in the mirror - Night by NorbertKocsis Untitled-1 by IsabellaAM :thumb366401862: Paper flower by dh6art Space Lion by Tohad Moss giant by Azzedar-san Pretty Girl by Kara-a Tea Time by marisz The Hut on Hen's Legs by Hhabasi Cranberry Bliss by Narodenia Connor AC3 War paint variant by GrandMaster-J5 trees by pitschke Fingerprint - Rain by nicolasjolly The Egg Thief by JakobHansson Grom by Mathness :thumb367374726: Under the Sea by oanalivia Sweeney Todd by Oscarliima Spring is so Tender by Snowfall-lullaby Joe Bonamassa by sweetnvicious Purple Sunset by Natan Estivallet by Natan-Estivallet Spinosaurus Fishing.183a1H by MasPix Act I: To thine own self be true by AlexandraGaudiosi The tiny Visitor by Morgainelefee Hunter by Zasalamell The Orphans by ChristopherPollari Winter is coming by JonathanDufresne Zaharia artwork by DottorFile

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Takky-Milk Sep 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you very much! It is a great honor for mе!
Great selection, even if it features one of my pieces. Thank you. :love:
Hey!!! Thanks very much!!!! *___*
Thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
neverdying Jun 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful selection, thank you very much! :D
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