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August 30, 2011


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:new: :bulletred: Before talking about the features, I want to present something briefly. For those who still care and who would like to make a change in someone’s life, you are free to share your ideas concerning our project called The "Think about it" Project. Your opinion counts! And no, we are NOT expecting donations of any kind etc. , because this project isn’t based on any financial principle. Details can be found on the official updated website: .

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:bulletblue: This is the Hall Of Fame of my :iconforeverartgroup: . Here you can find the best monthly submissions, carefully chosen by us.

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Kendry's mouth was parched and his skin dry. Charcoal black, eye length hair flapped violently against his black tinted sunglasses as the screaming wind continued to whip up the rust coloured sand into the sky, the sun now duplicated its colour. He repositioned the multi-coloured patchwork scarf over his mouth and nose again as it had been slapped away by the wind.  Kendry trudged forward, head down, hands protecting his face and keeping his scarf up; backpack feeling heavier than ever. One step at a time. The sand was fine, his black boots sunk deep with every trying step he took up and down the towering dunes.
Dropping one hand to his right trouser pocket he retrieved a hand-drawn map which had two cocktail sticks taped along the diagonals; he followed the pencil lines from 'The Beach Hut' up through the crudely shaded rectangles which represented the Maiman Valley and up to Ballerina Rock. From there the line led off at a two hundred degree angle for w
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